The Spiderman

At first glance, David’s Spiderman Project is simple: it shows the comic book hero Spiderman posing at various global landmarks. It’s only after peeling the project’s delicate layers back that one can fully understand the complexity and emotional baggage of this intricate project.

The Spiderman costume is worn by the artist’s brother, Ran Kassman, who is himself battling PTSD from his experiences as an IDF soldier in the second Lebanon war. It was David who began his brother’s journey to recovery.

A sufferer of PTSD has their nervous system still stuck in the war zone, so the recovery process requires a significant mental transition. David bought Ran a Spiderman costume in the hope of moving Ran’s nervous system from ‘war’ to ‘superhero’.

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The first layer of this project is the merging of a fictional character with a flesh and blood human, creating a character who’s vulnerable, but who ultimately possesses the strength and power to overcome their internal battles.

The second layer is the landmarks, carefully selected for what they represent. Often, this is a historical conflict of the Jewish people. David uses the security fence in the West Bank, the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the pyramids of Giza, and more. Putting a superhuman next to such landmarks conveys, in a single shot, the transition from PTSD-sufferer to superhero.

This collection is dedicated to all sufferers of PTSD and the battles they fight every day.

Its purpose is to let these people know that they are not alone,that their voices are heard and are drawing the world’s attention. David hopes that this work will find its way into homes, galleries and spaces, raising awareness and bringing about real change.