Kassman’s photography is transformative. Capturing natural elements, arenas of conflict, and global pollution, he poses important questions about how we interact with nature as a species, and about war and the personal trauma it brings. The retrospective nature of his artwork, and the messages of hope that it conveys, are why it’s sought-after worldwide.

He’s devoted to positive change, both through his photography and his work with Donna Karan’s ‘Spirituality for Kids’. He also deals with the controversial and sensitive social issue of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Kassman’s Latest Projects

David’s work asks us: how do we position ourselves in our environment? What are the consequences of this? Are we aware of the effect we have on our surroundings? Naturally, nature plays a significant role in most of his artworks.

In his Art collections, Kassman explores these issues from different angles. His photos  looks at industry as a force initially merging with its surroundings, but taking over as it evolves, with man-made materials like metal conquering the clean, natural surroundings.

Kassman examines natural surroundings in a frozen state of time, whether focusing on nature in its majestic beauty or using it to highlight manmade interventions such as wind turbines, or a reflection in a glass windows. Where does nature end and human begin?

Kassman focuses on the consequences of our destructive relationship with our environment. Industrial waste, garbage, pollution and water contamination is contrasted with serene music to represent the earth’s cry for help. David deals with the vital elements. Like water – resurrecting, sustaining, creating life, creating motion, and contrasted with drought and the urban jungle.

In his collection, Kassman focuses on nature in all its colorful glory, as shades of a turning wheel of colors. Again, the collection is in constant dialogue with nature.